Animals and CBD

Influence of CBD on endogenous cannabinoind system of humans
The Human Cannabinoid System
April 2, 2017
EarthE CBD Cannabinoids
May 15, 2017

The fact that for centuries CBD has been used to help the animals live a better life is a proof of that they have their set of system that specifically responds to CBD and THC compounds in particular. All animals, except for insects, have an endocannabinoid system which is a lot more complex and different from the one found in the human bodies. However, it is to be taken into notice here that the products used for animals are very low with THC.

This is because THC produces the “high” effect and one wouldn’t want his pet animal to get high on drugs. The animals are only given the products which have the least amount of THC and a relatively high content of CBD. Unlike the human bodies, the ECS of animals is not restricted to their brain only. In fact, it is spread throughout their bodies from head to toe in a uniform manner. However, one needs to be overly cautious when using CBD with animals because overdosing them is incredibly easy.

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