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Purchasing CBD ONLINE?

The revolution that is hitting the vaping industry in recent years has been due to the rapid development of the CBD. The growth in the use of vape pens has been due to the extensive benefits that users have found in CBD. These benefits are physical, psychological and mental.

Therefore, the demand for CBD on a global scale has increased so much. People of different age groups, across different cultures have found incredible benefits and want to be part of the CBD fever, so to say. The uses of the CBD have therefore expanded over time and they are now being used to serve a whole lot of benefits.

As the demand increase, it is expected that the supply will also increase to find equilibrium with the demand. As a result, there have been different suppliers that are entering into the industry and supplying CBD products to the population.

On-line is the largest marketplace in the entire world. In terms of reach and value, it is the biggest. It is therefore to be expected that On-line will not overlook this booming industry. Therefore, when you get to On-line, there are lots of suppliers that are selling CBD oil and advertising their own brand of CBD on the platform.

Why would that be problem? There is no problem with that except that the customer satisfaction has been very poor. Many buyers have been dissatisfied with many of the supplies they have gotten from On-line.

Get on the On-line website and look at the customer reviews and a lot of the reviews are so negative.  Many people have felt deceived and cheated. They are angry that they spent their money on crap. The health benefits they expected did not materialize and they felt cheated. If you read through some of the reviews, you can just feel the pain and the disappointment of many buyers. It’s pathetic.

What could be the cause? Does this mean that CBD oil is a crap after all and the whole excitement a façade?


Not really. The major issue here is that many people don’t know the difference between the hemp oil and the CBD oil. As a result, many of them are buying hemp oil as CBD oil. Suppliers have used this ignorance to rake in millions of dollars while the buyers are left unsatisfied.

Many of the CBD oil that are being advertised and sold on On-line are really hemp oil and they lack the vitality that is contained in the CBD oil.

Hemp oil is generally made from the seeds of the cannabis plant while CBD oil is made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. That is not a mere temporal difference, it is a huge difference. The nutrients and contents that have made people loved CBD and trusted it for healing of certain diseases are found in the leaves and flowers and not in the seeds.

The Hemp oil has its own uses though. It has variety of uses that people have been satisfied with in the past. It can be used as cooking oil, for lotions, soaps, moisturizers, bio-diesel fuel and as a substitute for petroleum in the plastic making industry. These have been the traditional uses of the Hemp oil and it was never expected to be used as a remedy.

Before the nutrients and contents of the CBD can be found in the Hemp, it takes a whole lot of complex extraction that can only be done by very big companies with large R&D budget. Definitely, such companies don’t sell on On-line.

ON the other hand, the CBD oil that is derived from the cannabis plant itself contains the essential healing elements. The over 100 active cannabinoids are found in the leaves and flowers. This is why it is the CBD oil that has the medical and health reparative qualities rather than the Hemp oil

Who cares?

Why is this even important? This is important because the crazy rise in the demand for CBD products was not caused by rise in the popularity of the hemp oil but rise in the popularity of the CBD oil. It is not hemp oil that is revolutionizing the medical world and the vaping industry, it is the CBD oil.

The CBD oil has gained popularity for its medical and health possibilities. Therefore, when people buy hemp oil and hemp oil packaged CBD oil, they are left distraught when they discover they are not benefitting from it.

CBD oil has been known to be a quality product for the treatment of certain physical and psychological diseases. On the psychological side, it is a great treatment for anxiety and depression. It has been useful as energy boost and helped people who had issues with their mood.

On the physical health side, it has been used successfully with epilepsy, seizures, arthritis, analgesic, cancer and some cardiovascular diseases. All in all, the CBD oil can significantly boost the immune system and the nervous system.

In addition to all these benefits, the CBD oil does not contain psychoactive elements. You won’t need to worry about addiction and other mental effects of alcohol, smoking and what have you.

On-line, CBD and the legality debate

Part of the issue with On-line is that they have some reserves for CBD. In their privacy policy, it is well stated. They are not too comfortable with products that have a high level of CBD which is where the potency comes from.

It is very hard though to understand why On-line has this issue. The CBD oil and the Hemp oil come from the same cannabis plant only that the elements they possess are different and they possess these elements in differing intensity.

However, On-line’s caution has caused many people to ask questions about the legality of CBD. But we have passed through this ground before. CBD are derived from two major sources: marijuana and the industrial hemp. As at today, federal law in the United States is solidly behind the use of CBD from industrial hemp. Also, states in the US have a clean bill for CBD oil that is derived from industrial hemp.

When it comes to marijuana-derived CBD, the situation can become more complex. However, majority of the states in the US allow the medical use of marijuana-derived CBD. The laws vary. Some states even allow the medical or recreational use of marijuana based CBD without prescription. Other states allow it only on prescription; some states allow it only for certain specified diseases. Only four states have completely banned the use of marijuana-based CBD.

Therefore, the issue with On-line is not entirely a legal issue. This is because federal law and states laws permit the use of industrial hemp CBD oil which is widely available and have been found to be very beneficial for the treatment of various health conditions.

Should you still buy the hemp oil?

As discussed above, the hemp oil has its own uses. They can be bought for the uses they have been made to serve. But if you really need CBD oil for the treatment of your medical conditions, do not waste your money buying hemp oil. Even within the traditional uses of the hemp oil, there are still many ineffective, poor quality hemp oil products on On-line. There are many suppliers who are just looking for money and hoping to join in the CBD craze.

Is all hope lost?

No, not with Earth E CBD!

The absence of good quality CBD oil on On-line is not a reason to despair at all. We understand your needs and we are here to serve you. We understand that hemp oil is no alternative. We know that what you really want is good quality CBD oil that can help you with your diseases and provide you with adequate remedies.

We don’t sell craps; we sell the highest quality CBD oil. We value your health and we seek to always deliver the best aid for your optimal health.

That is exactly what we provide for you. Earth E CBD is a trusted supplier of high quality CBD oil and CBD products. Our products have gone through the correct extraction process and they have been prepared to retain all the essential elements that will cure you of your diseases. We do not compromise on quality. We always ensure that you get value for money. At EarthE CBD Our customer service is second to none. Customer satisfaction is our watch word.

If you are tired of fake CBD products and you want quality CBD oil and related products, Earth E CBD is the right place to go. You can place orders for your CBD Juul pods, tincture drops products on our website with ease.

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