CBD; Do’s And Don’ts

CBD; Do’s and Don’ts

CBD; Do’s And Don’ts

If you are not living under a rock, you probably have heard about the ever-growing benefits of cannabis and its active compounds like THC and CBD. Now always remember CBD is the one that will not get you high and make you lose your senses. Rather it will help you with many things if you take it properly and do not mess it up. By saying that we do not mean there is a need of performing some ritual for taking CBD. In fact, in order to get most out of any medicine, there are some do’s and some don’ts. All you have to do is get the pure cbd products which have the right concentration from a trustworthy source which does not cost you an arm and a leg. You do not want to lose money over fake products and get nothing out of it. Also, CBD can be very helpful for your health if the dose is right, not so less not so high, just the right amount. Keep in mind that the right dose for every person is different. CBD is one of those medicines whose effects vary from person to person. For some, just a few drops are okay, others might need a little more to activate their endocannabinoid system. We want to assume that you already know about ‘The Endocannabinoid System’ but to be sure let’s explain what endocannabinoid system is and how it works.

The Human body works in mysterious ways. Ever thought why a person gets high after smoking marijuana? Something must be activating or deactivating a system or may be over-shadowing the senses. When scientist discovered Cannabis active compounds and their effects on the human body, they started searching for similar compounds naturally occurring in the human body. Turns out, they were not wrong at all and all the researches were fruitful. They found a whole system of endocannabinoid receptors in the human body. These receptors are spread all over the systems and the majority is concentrated in the nervous system. This is why marijuana has a prominent effect on the nervous system. All these receptors are capable of effecting the other systems quite effectively. Combined, they make the endocannabinoid system. Now as we know that marijuana affects the human body in a negative way. On the other hand, there is another cannabis active compound, CBD which has very positive effects on the human body. But to work, CBD needs a slight push. You need to make sure, you are doing it all right. Let us help you how you can make sure, this works well for you.

Do a little research on your sources. Crosscheck from the internet or use other means to make sure, you are getting pure CBD. The CBD supplements need to be in good shape to help you and to affect your endocannabinoid system positively. The concentration of CBD should be enough to make a difference. The other contents of the supplements should be researched on. Make sure those are the ones your body feels okay with.

Do a little research on the ways you can intake CBD through. Let us tell you, there are plenty. There is vaping, taking supplements, swallowing the CBD tincture, adding to food and applying directly in a form of cream or balm on the effective area. Find out which one can help you the most. The method should be compatible with your body, your daily routine, your mood, your needs and the reason you are taking it for. For example; do not vape if you do not like to smoke otherwise. Do not apply on the skin if you are trying to treat some internal problem. In short use the most optimal method to maximize the positive effect.

Do a little research on what should you eat. Focus on your diet, research on what will help CBD to effect more positively and what will suppress its advantages. We would love to give you a plan, but this works differently for different bodies. Eat healthy food, eat organic. Avoid processed food. For example, if you are taking CBD for clearer skin, combine it with the right food. If you chose CBD to help you with your polycystic ovaries problem, avoid the food which boosts this problem.

Don’t be hasty with the results. Do not declare CBD a wasteful medicine, if you are not giving it the right time to work. It is not magic, it needs a time window to show results. For some people it might show results overnight, for others, it can take weeks. Wait for some time before discontinuing the dose.

Don’t start with a high dose. It will make your body immune to the medicine and any dose lesser than that will not affect you anymore. Start with a smaller dose and then slightly build up. Stop where you feel the effects are considerable and enough. For example, if you are using the sublingual method to take CBD using CBD tinctures. Take few drops, notice down the effects if any. After three or more hours take a little more. Stop when you feel that the dose is just enough. Note down that dose and take the cumulative dose next time.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor. This should be the first thing you should do before starting any new medicine. Do not believe everything you read on the internet. Your doctor probably knows your body more you yourself do. Tell the doctor about the supplements you are about to take. He can probably guide you more about the right dose according to your body. Out of all people, your physician knows about any other problem in your body. He can tell you how to add CBD in your medication plan. Also, he would be the first person after you to notice the positive effects on your health.

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