CBD for Fibromyalgia

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January 24, 2018
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January 26, 2018

CBD for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder that involves the affection of the joints and muscles in the body. It affects the entire musculoskeletal symptoms and persons who have it usually complain of chronic joint and muscle pain, insomnia, sensory disorders, etc.

It is not uncommon to hear of depression and anxiety in people with fibromyalgia; they are practically living every day of their lives in constant unbearable pain which makes them see their lives as living hells. People who have fibromyalgia have tried several treatment options as prescribed by their doctors but unfortunately, these medications are not strong enough to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and they also come with a cascade of side effects that the patients can hardly cope with.

Many people with fibromyalgia who have blogs or who are members of fibromyalgia support group forums have come out over the years to share their experience on how they began to use cannabinoids for their fibromyalgia management and how effective the drug was to their surprise! The belief is that since cannabinoids affect the body’s endothelial system; a component of the immune system, they promote regulation of the body’s homeostatic mechanism thereby reducing or preventing the pain and inflammation that appears in fibromyalgia.

Donna Gregory, owner of www.fedupwithfatigue.com and a fibromyalgia blogger, shared her experience with trying out CBD oil for her fibromyalgia. She said “When I received my oil, I used it sublingually every 6-8 hours. I was surprised by what happened over the next 24 hours. After my third dose of CBD oil, I noticed the pain in my lower extremities greatly reduced. I continued putting the drops under my tongue for the next week, and as I did so, it relieved the majority of my pain. I have other fibro friends who report similar results.”

A small study in the year 2011 that was published in the April issue of PLoS One showed that people with fibromyalgia who were placed on CBD oil reported that they experienced a reduction in muscle and joint pain and stiffness; this means that cannabinoid helps to counteract the pain of fibromyalgia.