CBD Pet food

Cannabinoids For Pets
March 13, 2017

CBD Pet food

Lately, CBD is becoming one of the most popular subjects in the news, creating controversy between those who use it and those who are not conveniently in favor of the legalization theme. The truth is, its medicinal benefits have overcome most of the critics towards its. These benefits prove that this plant or at least its component seem to be invaluable for a lot of people. You can even give your dog cannabinoid pet food and you would be helping to alleviate common conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, cancer, and more.

Cannabinoid pet food is completely legal

Don´t think your dog will be tripping, the cannabinoid pet food isn´t marijuana, it is hemp. For a very long time, hemp was illegal in many countries including the US, only because it got lumped in with other types of CBD. Right now, you can buy a large variety of hempseed products at any local grocery store; there would be products like body lotions, soaps, protein powder, drinks, and pretty much anything you could think of.  

Cannabinoid pet food with the therapeutic benefits isn´t exactly abundant on the supermarket´s shelves. Though is important to know the low THC and CBD hemp won´t make your dog feel high; these are the components of CBD with medicinal benefits as anti-inflammatory effects, helping with pain, muscle spams, skin conditions, aggression, anxiety, and neurological disorders. As for side effects, it all depends on the reaction of each body. The most common side effect in dogs would be getting a little drowsy, just as if you were giving him a Benadryl. Like you would do with any prescription, stop its use if you see any serious side effects as itchiness and vomiting.

To make sure you feel confident enough to get your four-legged family member any cannabinoid pet foot look up online some of the guides and brands offering biscuits, drops, supplement caps. By the information you get, you will be able to determine the best product for your dog and/or cat.

Yes, cats can eat CBD as well just make sure these products are formulated for pets and you have nothing to worry about. View our website earthecbd.com for guidance about products specifically for size, species, taking care of an exact ailment, doses directions, and some facts about the science information related to the subject.

In addition, hemp also contains vitamin B6, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which help to provide to your pet´s health needs a holistic approach. All of these products are designed specially to enhance the supportive benefits and effects of the Hemp plant minimizing the “high –inducing concentrations from THC. You don´t have to make any adjustment to your current medications or supplements.

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