Customer service at EarthE CBD

Exclusive services for customers

EarthE CBD is not only good with the products it produces but also when it comes to looking after their clients. Some of the many services they offer include:

Wholesale: The customers can order these products at wholesale prices as well by simply logging into their company page and filling out the necessary form. Someone from the team will then get back to them to confirm the order and the details and have their order shipped.

Refunding: If the customers are not satisfied with the products, they can only return them back and get a refund for the price they paid. The customers would be required to explain their reasons in an email addressed to the company to have them review their case and give them a refund.

Shipping: The ordered products would be shipped right to their doorsteps for their convenience.However, in the case of refund, the shipment charges won’t be given back.

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