Have You Seen People Vaping On USB Flash Device?

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Have You Seen People Vaping On USB Flash Device?

Switching to vaping from traditional smoking is a new trend these days. The endless customizations and choices available to the user’s makes vaping the best smoking method among all and the best part is no one could guess you’re smoking. However, it also welcomes few debates regarding health that it might harm your lungs but scientists have concluded that this method is 100% safe. The first time users might feel some complexities and in return quit the idea of vaping. Whereas, others might enjoy vaping. You’ll get unlimited plethora of e-liquid choices coils and tanks in varying nicotine strengths. The JUUL was destined for greatness and eliminates all that hassle.

The JUUL is most popular devices on the market available in two-part design, non-refillable pod style filled with e-liquid and battery. It is simple and super easy to operate. What you need to do is to click into the battery housing and you are good to go. In June of 2015JUUL hit the market and has captured around  50% market share in the United States in just less than three years. Suppliers were amazed to see the response that despite increasing competition, JUUL growth is increasing and have been unrivaled. It welcomes new categories and salt-based nicotine. Those who use can judge the difference between genuine and fake product. Juulers (who use JUUL) differentiate copycat products. The main selling point is the innovative nicotine salt (found in the leaves of the tobacco plant) formula used in its refills. It is a game-changing device, therefore, those looking for a convenient kit of powerful nicotine hit and hundreds of great flavors should buy it.

Does the JUUL Affect Health?

Did you know one JUUL pod is equal to 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine? We know that smoking is harmful but researchers have concluded that e-cigarettes are far better as compared to normal ones. According to a Johns Hopkins study (the study did not include JUULs) vapors contain toxic levels of substances such as aldehydes and metals. If you love normal smoking and are a tobacco smoker, then switching to a JUUL is a good option anad probably safer.

It Resembles Flash Drive?

Parents can get easily confused as they could recognize JUUL as a flash drive. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it resembles flash drive. To charge, simply plug it right into your pc flash drive port and no one may realize it’s a smoking device. According to a Fox News report, few schools have banned the use of flash drives so that students might not get chance to bring JUUL device in the school.

The use of JUUL is very harmful for minors and it is in fact illegal to sell them. Also if an adult decided to buy Juul pods, do research about the seller’s authenticity.

Buy CBD Vape Pods Online

Did you know about the vape system? It is ‘an innovative new-tech system somewhere between a mod and an electronic- cigarette.’ It comes in pen shape and design and are much in use because of affordability and portable features. However, we should know that vape pen doesn’t last long and are not as powerful as vape pods0- gives you the stress free life. Your vape pod will help you enjoy the blend of portability and long lasting powerful battery, allowing you vaporize by holding your e-liquid via the mouthpiece. It comes id different sizes, however, the standard is 2ml but if you shop around you might get bigger ones.

Advantages of a Vape Pod System

  • Strong Nicotine Hit
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • No Learning Curve
  • Leak proof

Disadvantages of a Vape Pod System

  • Limited Selection of Flavors
  • Shorter Battery Life
  • Small Capacity

Types of Vape Pod System

Open System

It offers heightened vapor production with the advantage of refilling your e-juice manually. It gives users choice of nicotine strengths and hundreds of flavors online. This system is easy to operate as it has only one button. Open system vape mod is affordable, you can get that under $20. The bad part about this system is ‘Refilling the e-liquid manually’, ‘replacing cartridges’, and ‘small battery life.’

Closed System Vape Pod

Similar to a ciga like device, it consists of pre-filled cartridges so you don’t need to worry about refills. It is not hectic as open vape pod system and replacing the cartridge is quite easy. The refilling gives you variety of flavors and comes in several nicotine strengths. Unlike open vape pod, it is affordable, user-friendly, and easy to operate since you don’t have to change coils. The bigger size vape gives users an ease of vaping longer. Without any hesitation, are you willing to get your hands on CBD vape pods? If yes, buy CBD vape pods online from the best seller in the market.

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