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JUUL Battery (add-on)
July 16, 2018
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DIY- Fill Your own CBD Vape Pod Kit
September 15, 2018

Buy CBD Juul Pods 300mg (3 pack)



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Product Description

People can’t seem to get enough of these CBD Juul pods!

Compatible Juul pods from EarthE CBD is a good companion for every CBD lover. No THC, no nicotine elements, just full spectrum cannabidiol that’s extracted from natural hemp plants. Available in 100mg, every single pod contains 15% Terps, maximum strength, and thick, smooth puffs. All our CBD Juul pods are designed to fit smartly into any Juul device.  Need different flavors? We’ve made these CBD Juul pods in four flavors – cannoli, orange, grape and blueberry. Choose your favorite flavors and enjoy CBD on the go!

3x bags 100mg CBD Juul Pods (300mg Total)

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol


Maximum Strength

0% THC

15% Terps

Highest Concentrated CBD


VG, CBD, Terpenes, Flavoring.




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