CBD distillate Oil Barrel Dab, Vape or Drop


  • 1000/mg per milliliter
  • Flavors Available
    • Fruit Loops
    • Hydro
    • Pomberry
  • Terpene Loaded
  • Fully Activated Distillate Cyro Extraction

Fill ceramic cartridges, dab it, supercharge your flower, or even enhance your diet with hemp distillate. The Oil Barrel next-generation session distillate contains a fully activated blend of potent cannabinoids, flavorful terpenes, vitamins, and other body-nourishing compounds.

No MCT, PG, VG, PEG or other harsh solvents are used to create each Oil Barrel. Each Oil Barrel contains 1000mg of undiluted potent distillate that satisfies even the most demanding cannabis user. Discover the future of distillate today with our amazing Oil Barrel. And try all of our blends, each with their own unique taste and inspired flavor profile.

CBD Distillate

Today, CBD has already traveled far from the bud. It has gone beyond the hemp plant and stem. It has gone far beyond using it as an alternative medication. Its application is even more multi-functional. And the new CBD distillate Oil BarrelTM is perfect evidence of the transition of cannabis.

The CBD Distillate is almost the purest CBD product that the cannabis industry has ever known. Many people love to use CBD distillate because it is the most common alternative to CBD isolate. The extra-ordinary manufacturing process makes it even more special. It does not only adds value to it but also makes it retain a greater share of its natural benefits.

Every drop of CBD distillate that goes into the oil barrel is tremendously potent. And it is bound to offer you more benefits than what ordinary CBD oil is known to deliver. It is safe to say that CBD distillates are one of the purest and potent types of CBD concentrates you can ever find out there. They’re not just pure and organic for the sake of it. They’re known to contain several elements that are healthy and highly beneficial to the human body.

However, you necessarily don’t have to be a food nutritionist, botanist or chemistry major to understand a few things about CBD distillate. Read on. You’ll find it very interesting to learn about every single detail that goes into a drop in our CBD distillate.

CBD Distillation: what the process entails

CBD is not just any product. It is a health and wellness product. And as a result, it is expected that quality is of utmost priority. It is therefore worthy of mention that the manufacturing process of CBD distillate follows one that uses state of the art molecular distillation technology, in a clean facility. And it’s also backed by third-party lab testing to ensure maximum quality.

As the name implies, CBD distillate is the end result of a distillation process. A unique process that derives highly refined quality CBD extract from the hemp plant. An amazing CBD oil concentrate that meets the needs of the most demanding wellness enthusiasts and experts alike.

The production of cannabis distillate is done with crude extraction, using carbon dioxide as a solvent. As manufacturers, the distillation of cannabis using CO2 extaction gives us plenty of room to extract the purest form of cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This way, the CBD that we’ll derive will be organic, versatile, and potent. Needless to say that this process will boost the medicinal potentials of the CBD distillate as far as its application is concerned.

CBD distillate is a refined CBD that has a smooth, thick honey-like consistency. And it contains zero impurities. No MCT, PG, VG, PEG or other harsh solvents are used in manufacturing it.

However, organic CBD distillates contain a number of components that include cannabinoids, terpenes, and other super healthful hemp plant materials. Have you ever heard of terpenes? Terpenes are commonly found in a number of fruits and plants that are known to you. Fruits like mango, black pepper, pine needles and so on.

And the fact that CBD distillates could be refined further to give you CBD isolate makes it fabulous – a highly potent elixir.

Uses, benefits, and applications of CBD distillate Oil Barrel.

The applications of CBD distillate are even more versatile than you think.

CBD distillate is a great component for creating several products because it blends freely and easily when heated. So it can serve as a perfect addition to tinctures, drinks, candy and a host of other finished CBD products. As a matter of fact, do-it-yourself skincare and beauty products are not exempted.

Skincare and beauty products

Merely mixing a generous portion of CBD distillate with coconut oil can give you an all-natural beauty product mix or CBD infused topicals. This blend (CBD distillate plus coconut oil) can double as an organic skincare product or hair treatment.

When you rub this potent mix on your skin, it nourishes your skin and adds a touch of rejuvenation to it. And because distillates contain a greater percentage of cannabinoids and a multitude of therapeutic antioxidants, you can use it to cure several skin conditions like irritation, skin rash, pimples, redness, dry skin, flaky and patchy skin.

If you’re tired of using conventional lip balms or you just want something more CBD-infused to restore life and health to your lips, then you can also apply this mix. The blend of CBD distillate and coconut oil will help heal sore lips, prevent and soothe chapped lips.

Gel capsules

With the massive acceptance of CBD due to its health benefits, CBD gel capsules have begun to find a permanent place in peoples’ medicine boxes and shelves. And there’s no other reason to it than the miraculous, healing capabilities that it has been known for.

Now, can CBD distillate really take the place of CBD gel capsules? The answer is “YES”. The much of what goes into CBD gel caps was from CBD distillate. So, there’s not much difference.

You can always put a tiny dot of CBD distillate on your finger and pop it in your mouth. As simple as that seems, it will go a long way in making you feel better, calm and relaxed after a long day at work. Or, after a rigorous workout session at the gym.


It is no longer news that CBD, which was once often regarded as an alternative healthcare remedy, has risen through the ranks to become a major option that’s seriously replacing conventional medications.

CBD distillate can mildly serve as CBD tincture in situations where you’re short of tinctures. As tinctures are often mixed with orange or peppermint carrier oil, so also EarthE CBD’s distillate comes in different terpene flavors.

Edibles and meal supplements

CBD has a safe history of use in the food and supplements industry.

You would appreciate the feel-good qualities of CBD, even more, when you start using CBD as an additive to your food and supplements. Check this out. 80 percent of distillate is made up of CBD while the remaining 20 percent can be attributed to other elements such as terpenes, vitamins, plant waxes, antioxidants, and other minor cannabinoids – all of which are tested and proven to nourish the body.

You can use CBD distillate as meal supplements and supercharge your diet because it proves to have several beneficial effects on metabolism, immune system, the liver and other vital organs in your body.

Use a pop of CBD distillate to fire up your diet. You’re definitely going to love it!

Buy original CBD Distillate online

The CBD industry is a multi-million dollar empire that has never failed to experience growth. And an explosive one at that. However, EarthE CBD has done its fair share by brainstorming and producing a legal distillate that can help solve several health issues.

Earth E CBD still got so many tricks up their sleeve. With the recent release of the wonderful product, the CBD distillate, that can be used for its versatility. The fact that each Oil Barrel comes with potent CBD compounds and flavorful terpenes gives you unique taste and a pleasant experience. Isn’t that amazing?

You may choose to use CBD distillate as it is or you can decide to get it mixed with other edibles to make a very powerful therapeutic application. So, if you want a good place to buy quality THC-free distillate online, then EarthE CBD is your best store.

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