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September 15, 2018
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3000 mg formula Iso Terpenes

CBD Juul Pods – CBD Vape Pods from EarthE CBD are a good companion for every CBD lover. No THC, no nicotine elements, just full spectrum Cannabidiol that’s extracted from natural hemp plants. Available in 100mg, every single pod contains 15% Terpenes, maximum strength, and thick, smooth puffs. All our CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods are designed to fit smartly into any Juul, Jili, J-pod or OVNS device.  Need different flavors? We’ve made  CBD Vape Pods in 30 different flavors.   Choose your favorite flavors and enjoy CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods on the go!

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People can’t seem to get enough of these CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods!


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CBD Juul Pods: Guide to Vaping CBD Pods

CBD Juul Pods, also known as CBD Vape Pods are a good choice for CBD lovers who don’t like the effects of stress and anxiety on their body. Every single puff  is destined to help you get into the relaxed, calm mood that CBD is known for. They are also a perfect option for people who are not happy with the side effects of smoking. Containing 100mg of organic CBD, each Juul pod contains 15% Terpenes, maximum strength and 0% THC. Our innovative CBD Juul pods are compatible with Juul brand devices and are very easy to use. Want to try out different flavors? EarthE’s CBD Juul pods style are available in over 10 natural flavors. Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy on the go!

CBD Juul Pod Features:
  • Works and fits smartly into any Juul device, Jili device, OVNS battery and J-pod batteries.
  • Full spectrum CBD – No THC, 15% Terpenes
  • Available in different, natural flavors
  • 100 puffs per pod
  • Maximum Strength; Iso Teroenes and CBD
  • 0% THC
  • 15% Terpenes; 100mg per pod
  • Natural Ingredients: VG, CBD, Terpenes, Flavoring.

Great Things About CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods

A lot of people have been asking why they need to join the CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods revolution. They know a lot of people who have been helped by the CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods but they are still hesitant for one or two reasons. Yet, these people have been asking why they should join the revolution because the CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods are nothing but a revolution. We will look at why you should purchase your own CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods immediately and answer your common objections.

There are lots of benefits that come from using Juul pods containing CBD. The CBD oil that is contained in these has been known to offer some great and interesting health benefits. These health benefits range from physical, emotional to psychological. The health benefits are diverse and comprehensive. Many people around the world have testified to the successful use of Juul CBD pods for the treatment of certain health issues. They have been used successfully to as a cure for Migraine and people have found help in the treatment of diabetes.CBD JUL PODS Cannoli Flavor

Emotionally, smokers and drug addicts have found Vape Pods with CBD to help them break free from their addiction cycle. The absence of addictive substances in the CBD oil has enabled CBD pods users to enjoy the health benefits without the emotional pain of addictions. The freedom from addiction is one of the reasons why you should consider vaping CBD pods.

Social Acceptance of Vaping CBD Pods

The CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods are already creating a rich social community all over the world. You are joining a community of people across the world that has been enjoying the huge benefits of the pods. A greater percentage of people who are vaping CBD pods are young people under the age of 40. The majority of those people are in college.

You are not just joining a community; you are joining a community of young and vibrant people who are enjoying the richness of their CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods. As the publicity on the dangerous effects of drugs, alcohol and smokes abound, this exclusive community will expand and many more people will become users. This is why you should not be left out of the excitement.

Are CBD Juul Pods more socially acceptable than other CBD products?

Many people have been bothered about the social acceptance of the CBD Juul Pods. The social stigma that many of those have experienced with smoking and drugs has made them to doubt if CBD Juul Pods will not come under the same social stigmatization. But this isn’t really a rational fear.

First, Juul pods with CBD oil are not on the same level as recreational drugs. You can enjoy their use privately without it causing any harmful effects to either you or anyone around. Juul pods to burn the CBD oil, therefore, the offensive smell that comes with smoking or drugs is completely absent.

Second, vaporizing CBD has been recognized as a safer option. It does not create second hand smoke, and therefore can be enjoyed without bothering those around you.

Are CBD Juul Pods legal?

The legality of the CBD oil has been dealt with already. You don’t need to worry about legality when you want to purchase the CBD Juul Pods. As long as the CBD oil you use is made from industrial hemp plant, you have no legal problem irrespective of the state where you reside. The issue has been well clarified by federal and state laws and there is no need to panic over the matters of legality and illegality. Many people have been using the CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods across different states over the US and in many other countries without legal concerns.

You can order CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods in USA without fear of legal incrimination.

In New Jersey, the purchase and use of CBD Juul Pods Style – CBD Vape Pods is legal and many people have been looking for how to buy them in New Jersey.

Dealing with Fake CBD Juul Pods

Another thing that has discouraged many people is the proliferation of fake CBD products in the online stores. Many of the CBD oil that are advertised and sold are not original. They are hemp oil that is sold as CBD oil. Hemp oil is gotten from the seeds of the hemp plant and the CBD oil is gotten from the leaves and flowers.

There is a difference in the THC concentration and a difference in potency. Many who have visited online stores have been left enraged and some have vowed not to buy CBD oil again.

This is an unfortunate situation. However, it should not stop you from joining the CBD revolution because there are lots of stores that are dedicated to the sales of CBD oil, CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods and other CBD derived products that will give you the authentic experience. You need not to throw away the baby with the bathwater.

How Much do CBD Juul Pods Cost?

While the cost of buying Juul CBD pods is relatively low, some people have complained about the fact that they have to keep buying the pods over and over again. This is discouraging especially for those who consider themselves heavy vape pod users. CBD Juul Pods are not designed to be refilled so it can get expensive to keep purchasing them over and over.

However, you can actually refill CBD pods! With the right tools and knowledge of the technique, you can refill your them with a fresh supply of CBD oil. Refilling the same pod 3-4 times before buying a new one will save you a lot of money.

So if you’re worried about the cost of CBD Juul Pods, know that you can refill them to maximize their value.  Here, you can find a guide from other expert users how to successfully refill your CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods. The process is quick and easy.CBD Juul Pods - Grape

As you can see, many of the objections to joining this revolution are not weighty. You are losing a lot when you decide to ignore the revolution and enjoy the rich benefits of the CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods. It is one of the defining devices in the vaping industry. The combination is a match that has been made in heaven. As a result, you should not be left out of the enjoyment. Let all your objections crash down in the face of facts.


Where can you buy CBD Juul Pods?

Since the issue of originality and good quality has surfaced, it has become important to ensure you are buying the CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods from a quality company that actually sells good products.

Earth E CBD is the home of good quality CBD Juul Pods, CBD oil and many other CBD products. Earth E is a  company located in New Jersey, USA. At Earth E, you can buy CBD Juul Pod  –  Vape Pods in New Jersey and order CBD Juul Pods – CBD Vape Pods in USA.

We sell high quality products with high grade quality CBD oil (not Hemp oil). Our CBD oil is gotten from the leaves and flowers of Hemp plants with an accurate technological system. We also sell refill kits that will help you save money by learning how to refill your Juul CBD pods for 3-4 times before making a new purchase.

We believe so much in the  revolution and our aim is to bring as many people with us as possible to enjoy the rich benefits.

We have a team of dedicated customer service that is always ready to answer your calls and respond to your inquiries.

Don’t be left out of the revolution, join the community of people who are deriving massive benefits and life improvements from these wonderful natural products.

Orange CBD Vape Pod flavor


A revolution is on. The vaping industry is a revolution and the within that revolution, there is another revolution. The CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods have been a revelation since they came out. Many people have been trooping to get one. However, there are people who have some objections and are not ready to make the commitment.

All these objections are unfounded and nothing, absolutely nothing should stop you from enjoying the rich and awesome benefits that come from the CBD Juul Pods  –  Vape Pods.

At Earth E  you will find quality CBD Juul Pods  – CBD Vape Pods and other related products that will satisfy you and help you in innumerable ways.

3.6/5 (29 Reviews)

Additional Information

101: Everything you need to know about CBD Vape pods and flavorings

CBD, vape pods, and e-cigarettes are one of the biggest innovations of the century. Going down the memory lane, a look back at the history of vaping reveals how much the vaping and CBD industry has evolved through the years. You can literally find it everywhere, thanks to its portability and the valuable experience that it offers.

It is no longer news that CBD products are suitable for easing a number of health conditions like anxiety, depression, cancer, nicotine addiction, acne, pain, and epilepsy, to mention just a few. Most of all, the CBD can significantly boost the immune system and the nervous system.

In this blog, we’ve decided to lay down our thoughts and reveal everything you need to know about CBD vape pods, its history and evolution, compatible vape devices, how it works and where to buy the best CBD pods.

The History and Evolution Of Vaping

The origin of vaping is deeply rooted in ancient Egypt when hot stones were used to vape concoctions of herbs. And the invention of shisha (hookah) thousands of years ago in India and the Middle East. The idea of modern vaping was first conceived by Joseph Robinson in 1927. But as history would have it, it was Herbert A. Gilbert that patented this invention as a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” in 1965. Vapes was largely invented by pioneers who wanted to quit smoking and also help people put a good end to their addictive smoking habits.

Hon Lik is one of the pioneers who belong to this category. Hon Lik, a pharmacist and Chinese medicine expert, took up the mantle of improving the previous invention. He was able to create his first design with an ultrasonic emitter, which he patented in 2003.

Drawing inspiration from Herbet Gilbert’s design, Hon Lik developed series of e-cigarettes with atomizers that used heated coils. Released in 2004, his invention was and was the first known e-cigarette ever sold on a commercial scale to the public.

How do CBD vape pods work?

Vaping CBD is different from smoking a water-pipe, shisha or hookah. In shisha, a burnt mix and match of molasses and tobacco is drawn. It passes through water in order to cool the smoke. Just like your normal salt nicotine e-liquids, any vaping or pod device can be filled with CBD rich liquid. With every mouthful you inhale, the vaporizer is triggered to heat up a little quantity of CBD liquid. The process converts the liquid into vapor and then drawn into your mouth. Being a smokeless method, the vape heats the CBD at a lower temperature, delivering terpenes and CBD-rich vapor without any harmful element.

CBD Vaping Vs Natural Flavoring Options

What started as a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” has grown into popular CBD vape pods that come with vast flavoring options. Coupled with endless benefits in organic CBD, the beauty of CBD vape pod also lie in its flavor. The fact that you can choose from over 50 flavors makes CBD vaping more interesting. The natural flavors in each and every CBD Juul pod is a result of people’s popular demands.

The endless customizations and choices available to end users makes vaping one of the best smoking methods of consuming CBD. And the best part is that people don’t really get to notice you when you are vaping, unlike the elaborate smoke that litters the air when you’re smoking tobacco or cigarette. Simply put, it is non-flammable product that poses no health threat to people as it does not release second-hand smoke.

What does CBD vape juice and CBD e-liquid mean?

Gone are the days when you only have to buy CBD extracts, put a few drops in your mouth and then you’re done. Things have changed over the years. The CBD industry is really growing at a very fast pace. We now have various innovations sprouting here and there. All these innovations are geared toward providing new and unique ways to enjoy CBD and the numerous benefits that come with it. Today, there are countless ways to consume CBD so much so that you find it pretty easy to get confused.

The universal term that people commonly use to describe CBD oil that was designed for vaping is CBD vape juice. It is otherwise called CBD vape oil or CBD e-liquid in some applications.

Derived from industrial hemp plant, CBD e-liquids are prefilled CBD oil cartridges. They are manufactured with vegetable glycol or propylene glycol. These elements serve as thinning agents that allows for the mixture to easily wick, making the juice suitable enough to function with the battery-powered heater coils of vape pens. These CBD cartridges are replaceable and they work seamlessly with carbon dioxide extraction techniques.

Is CBD vape juice different from CBD oil?

Yes, the difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil is crystal clear. As mentioned in the last paragraph, CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid is specially designed to only work with vape devices. CBD oil, on the other hand, is the product that you consume by placing a few drops under your tongue before swallowing. Which ever method you choose to consume your CBD product, the result is absolutely the same. But you should take note of this caution. Do not try to vape CBD oil that is meant to be ingested orally. In the same vein, do not try to ingest CBD vape oil that is meant to be vaped in a vape pen.


The new CBD Juul pods style – CBD Vape Pods from Earth E CBD

Housing 100mg of organic CBD, each of EarthE CBD’s vape pod contains 15% Terpenes and 0% THC element. THC is the hemp extract that’s responsible for getting people high. So, zero THC means you can neither get high nor stoned after vaping our CBD Juul pods. Here’s a list of vaping devices that are compatible with our CBD vape pods

  • Juul
  • Jili
  • J-pod
  • OVNS device

What flavor options can go with CBD vape pods?

There is a plethora of flavors that can go with CBD vape pods. It is only a game of what flavor suits your taste bud. With most CBD manufacturers providing their CBD customers with a five-flavor option, the most popular flavorings are orange, blueberry, grape, banana and strawberry. The opportunities are endless in some major CBD companies like EarthE CBD.

When you buy CBD vape pods from EarthE CBD, you will be able to select from a wide array of natural flavors. Here is a long list of some of the flavors that you can select with EarthE CBD’s vape pods – blueberry, cannoli, cannoli ice cream sundae, grape, orange, banana bread, Bavarian cream, blueberries n’cream, butter rum, cappuccino, caramel, caramel apple, caramel cappuccino, citrus fruit punch, mixed berry, French vanilla, fruit punch, kahlua, maple, orangesicle, razzleberry, skittles, spearmint, triplemint, vanilla bean, vanilla cappuccino, vanilla custard, vanilla ice cream, and wild cherry.


Where can you buy quality CBD vape pods?

The general growth in the market for vape pens will offer unique opportunities for the CBD Juul pods. As the market leader, they will get the larger share of the market. An increase in the market of vape pens will be an increase in the market of CBD Juul pods. As the market for CBD widens, fake products are filtering the market and it is somewhat difficult to separate high quality CBD products from fake ones.

Are you looking for where to buy the best CBD juul pods online? Interested in purchasing CBD vape pods and CBD vape cartridges that are compatible with Juul Congratulations, your exhaustive search ends right here on our website. Earth E CBD is the home of premium quality CBD vape pods that are Juul-compatible. Visit our online store and you can shop all kinds of organic CBD products ranging from CBD vape pods, CBD tincture drops, to CBD capsules, CBD creams, salves, tea and organic CBD edibles.

At EarthE CBD, the research and development team at EarthE CBD put the best of their expertise toward creating about 50 flavors for CBD vape lovers to enjoy. Our products have gone through the correct extraction process and they have been prepared to retain all the essential elements that will cure you of your diseases. We do not compromise on quality. We always ensure that you get value for money. For inquiries, get in touch with us via our website earthecbd.com.

3.6/5 (29 Reviews)