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January 24, 2017
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February 8, 2017

Organic CBD Lollipops 35mg/each


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Organic CBD Lollipop

Organic CBD lollipop is a sweetened way of ingesting CBD. THC and sugar free, each lollipop is infused with potent doses of CBD and natural ingredients. These effective and tasty lollipops provide all-in-one benefit to anyone suffering from troubled sleep, stress, and pains. Containing 35mg of Edible CBD per stick. Good for relaxation, pain relief and stress relief.

Available in 5 natural flavors:

Tuscan Lemon, Raspberry, Tangerine Orange, Green Apple, Cherry, Watermelon and Mango


Each lollipop is infused with pure Cannabidiol, containing 35mg of Edible CBD per serving.



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