CBD Saver


CBD Liquid Saver.
CBD liquid saver works with 15 ml and 30 ml bottles of CBD oil. They are designed with openings at both ends and it comes in handy whenever you want to transfer CBD oil from one bottle to another. With both openings perfectly sized to permit only two bottle heads, it creates an enclosed passage for CBD oil to slide into the empty bottle without even spilling a drop. Buy our CBD liquid saver and use it to prevent wastage while saving you money that would otherwise be spent on re-stocking CBD oil. Easy to use and maintain, our CBD oil savers are made available in white color so you can easily spot dirt and wipe clean.
Warning: Ensure that both ends of the CBD oil saver fits tightly with the bottles before flipping. Keep out of reach of children to avoid swallow hazard.
– Reusable
– Saves money
– Prevents waste
– Easy to use, clean and maintain

Save your CBD Oil.

Use the CBD Saver to transfer oil from one bottle to another.

  • Saves Money
  • No Waste
  • Easy to Use

Warning: Take proper care when using this device. Choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of children.

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