DIY- Fill Your own CBD Vape Pod Kit


DIY CBD Juul Pod Filling Kit
DIY filling kit is a top-choice for CBD lovers who like the luxury of filling their CBD pods without breaking a sweat. Simple and easy to use, this kit is equipped with everything you need to start filling your CBD juul pods all by yourself. It comes with two accessories – CBD oil saver and a CBD pod filling stand. With the DIY kit, you save money and nothing goes to waste – not even a single drop. The CBD saver collects all the leftover CBD oil that would have, otherwise, been discarded. Small-sized and portable, so you can easily carry it in your pocket as you refill CBD pods anytime, anywhere.
– 1 CBD filing stand
– 1 CBD oil saver
– Saves money and CBD oil

DIY CBD Vape Pod Filling Kit

Fill your own CBD Vape Pods

Equal to only $5.00 a pod

Fill CBD  Vape pods on your own.  Save Money

Cbd pod filling kit come with 2 accessories for filling


CBD LIQUID SAVER FOR TRANSFERRING the leftover liquid that normally would be discarded.

Information about Refilling CBD Pods.  Read Below:

DIY – Fill your own CBD Vape Pods

CBD vape pods have been a great revolution in the Vaping industry. They are now the most popular form of pods used by many people. The importance of vaping has already been emphasized over time. Vaping is not just an alternative to smoking; it is a better alternative with many health benefits. This is especially the case with the CBD oil. The combination of the CBD oil and the pods has been a revelation that many people have held on to.

Many pods are meant to be used strictly with the e-liquid that comes with them. That is, they can only be used with a particular e-liquid and only for a particular period. When the e-liquid is exhausted, the user has to purchase refill cartridges or buy a new pod entirely.

The Quest for Refilling CBD Pods that work.

There are two problems that users have found with refilling their CBD Vape pods. First, the e-liquid that comes with their pods are not always the best option. There are better e-liquids. The CBD oil offers tremendous opportunities regarding physical, mental and psychological health. These health benefits are numerous and well known. Therefore, it constitutes a limitation to pod users when they cannot use the CBD oil with their pods.

Secondly, it cost a lot to the user buying new pods every now and then or buying refill cartridges. People are looking for smart ways to minimize the cost and enjoy the benefits of their pods with the best available CBD oil.

Also, some people who are heavy users of the CBD pods may find it difficult and exorbitant to purchase new pods every time. There are people who take up to six packs in a week. Buying six CBD pods is not cheap. This category of people has found great help and comfort in the possibility of refilling their pods from time to time, at least for a little while before investing in a new CBD  pod.

There are many DIY tutorials on the internet. These tutorials are geared towards teaching people how to refill their own pods with CBD oil. Day in day out, people are searching for the best means and methods to refill their CBD Juul pods themselves so they can  make the most of their pods.

Are there any challenges in refilling CBD Vape Pods?

It needs to be said, however, that there are many dangers to refilling pods yourself without the necessary devices and instructions. Some of the e-liquids that contain nicotine can spill on your body and cause damages to the skin.

Some people have also recorded their pods getting destroyed or out of shape as a result of refilling.

Another problem that people have faced refilling their pods is leaking. Many people have found their  pods leaking after the refilling process have been completed.

There are some expert tips and users’ tips that can help you prevent the issue of leaking:

  • Should be inserted from the edges
  • Should not be removed too frequently
  • Should be kept in a cool place
  • Ensure that the original juice has been completely removed
  • Squeeze the sides of the pod when putting the rubber back into the pod
  • Ensure that the pod has been effectively cleaned before putting the new oil
  • Practice easy and smooth drawing

DIY steps of refilling CBD Vape pods

Refilling your CBD pod is not a difficult process. It is quite simple and easy. The first step is to be sure that your  pod is emptied already, that is, the e-liquid that came with it must first be fully emptied. Alternatively, it is better and more efficient to use a CBD Vape pod that came with an e-liquid that is similar to the one you want to use as your favorite brand.

Next, you have to ensure that you take off the cap. It is a strenuous and often difficult process that might not work out at the first try. After the cap has been removed, you will also need to remove the rubber piece that is next to the cap. That rubber piece becomes visible immediately the cap has been removed. You can pinch the rubber with some tweezers, and it is ready to be removed.

After that, you will need to clean the  pod and make sure all the existing liquid is soaked up into a paper towel. As an additional measure, you can also rinse the pod (preferably with warm water) and allow it to dry.

When the pod has been dried, it is time to put the new e-liquid (your favorite CBD oil) into the clean pod. When this is done, you are ready to put the rubber piece into the pod. Let the flat side go in first just as it was when you removed it.

The cap is the last thing you will put on to get your CBD pods back into shape and for more extended use.

The debate over refilling  CBD Vape pods

So the debate over whether you should refill your pods continues to rage. On one side, there are people who believe it is not proper to refill the pods, but it should be replaced once the liquid is exhausted. On the other side are people who have given up on refilling not because they think its improper, but because they are already frustrated considering the difficulties that are involved in refilling cbd vape pods. There are those who practice refilling and have been able to do it conveniently for a long period.

It is essential to get a balance to be able to navigate the world of vaping. While it is good and beneficial to refill, it must not be taken to the extreme. Refilling over and over again even with the right method and tips is still not good. At some point, you have to replace the pods with a new one. The cost-effectiveness of refilling should not blind us to the danger it poses when the same pod is reinvented for a long period.

Also, frustration with refilling is not a justification for opposing it. There are tons of DIY tutorials that can help. There are users forums where people share their experiences and how they have been able to navigate through the process of refilling their cbd pods with the best e-cigarettes to enjoy the rich benefits of wonderful e-liquid like CBD oil. If you are passionate about refilling, you can do it yourself. You can overcome your fears and your past failures.

The future of refilling CBD Vape Pods

To get over some of the problems you have encountered with refilling your Juul pods, you need quality refilling materials and devices. Your chances at successful refilling will be enhanced with right refilling kit. We know that. That is why we started a huge project that is now ready for an unveiling. At Earth E CBD, we have the utmost regard and concern for our esteemed customers. It is our desire for you to get the best out of your vaping experience. We are always seeking to come up with new solutions that will enable and empower your life.

We believe that refilling your cbd pods will give you many cost-saving and time-saving advantages. Our great passion is to give you the best solution that will help you save money and enjoy the best vaping experience.

We are introducing the DIY CBD Pod Filling Kit. The Kit contains the essential devices that are necessary for you to get through with your refilling. The Kit has kicked off this October and is now available in our store. The Kit comes with two accessories: The Filling stand and the CBD Liquid saver that will help you transfer any leftover liquid.

With Earth E CBD Filing kit your refilling worries are all over. Follow the process that has been outlined above and the expert tips. But also remember to get a CBD pod filling kit to make it easier for you and give you a richer experience. You can reduce the money you spend on your Juul pods by more than 50% depending on how often you use it. The filling kit meets the highest standards of quality just like all our products. We never compromise on quality. We are here to serve you and serving you is what gives us pleasure.

Fill your own CBD Pods with EarthE CBD’s refilling kit

Refilling  is a great option for you to embrace. It will help you save a lot of money and help you to maintain your high usage without being extremely bothered about the constant purchase of new pods.

Refilling comes with many challenges and problems that have discouraged some people. But with the right understanding of the process, it does not need to be a hassle. Also, with the right materials for the refilling process, it becomes easier and more convenient. Earth E CBD Filling kit is the perfect choice if you need to  start refilling your CBD  pods with a constant supply of CBD oil or other e-liquids. The best part is that Earth E CBD’s  pods are available in different, natural flavors. Explore our online store and place your order today.

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