CBD Bath Bombs 100mg


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Pack of 2 CBD Bath Bombs

  • 100mg  Full Spectrum CBD in each bath bomb
  • Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD bath bombs by EarthE

100mg full-spectrum CBD for a soothing bath experience. It is infused with loads of natural ingredients and CBD essences that leave your skin soft, rich and glowing like a newborn’s.

When you use these natural CBD bath bombs, it will not only help moisturize your skin but also give you soothing relief from all kinds of skin problems. Available in different scents!

Enjoy the benefits of CBD in a refreshing environment

What if you can enjoy all the numerous benefits of CBD in a refreshing and soothing environment? What if that refreshing environment is in your bathtub?

Imagine how much you enjoy a spa treatment and how you always long to have another spa experience in your free time. What if you can have unlimited spa treatment and experience right in the comfort of your bathroom? But what if you can do that for just a few dollars and with just a simple, yet powerful and effective product?

Our CBD Bath Bomb is that magic wand.

With a CBD Bath Bomb, you can enjoy unlimited comfort and relaxation just like the spa treatments right inside your bathtub. More than that, you will be enjoying all the rich benefits of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil is known for its great quality and the health benefits it provides which include:

  • Pain relief
  • Treatment of Anxiety and depression
  • Anti-Seizure and Anti-inflammation
  • Mood Improvement
  • Appetite improvement
  • Cancer treating properties
  • Treatment of OCD
  • Treatment of Arthritis, Osteoporosis and heart diseases

But with CBD Bath Bombs, there is more.

Flavor Choices

  • Crazy Love
  • Moroccan vanilla
  • coconut
  • cool water
  • cherry almond
  • petal dance
  • black raspberry vanilla
  • apple orchard
  • cool fresh aloe
  • wakame
  • black velvet
  • wild passion
  • pear raspberry
  • coconut lime

Easy absorption

CBD Bath Bombs get into your bloodstream faster than other methods. Even Tropical application (which is the fastest) still takes time to penetrate the skin and enter into the bloodstream.

But with CBD Bath Bombs, the CBD oil gets into your bloodstream almost immediately.

It means you can start enjoying the soothing and relaxing effect of the CBD oil even before you leave the bathtub.

Whole-body treatment

But that is not the best part. With a CBD Bath Bomb in your bathtub, every area of your skin is exposed to the CBD oil.

Not just the area you can touch. Not just the prominent. Every part of the body that has pores takes in the CBD oil, and the scintillating effect is comprehensive and total.

Relieve the stress and the pain

Tired after the day’s job? The activities of the day have stressed you out, and you just feel awkward and uninspired. Maybe the stress has even led to some body pains, some joint pains or just a general weakness of the body.

You need instant relief and comfort.

An ordinary bath will not be sufficient. A hot water bath will not produce the relief you desire.

But with CBD Bath bomb dissolved into that hot water bath, you can enjoy immediate and lasting relief.

Suffering from inflammation, arthritis, cramps, muscle spasms or sore muscles, a bath with the CBD Bath bomb gives you all the relief in the world and you can enjoy health once again.

Get relieved, get energized, get inspired even after the most stressful and difficult day. A CBD Bath Bomb makes all the difference.

Smooth the skin and pamper your body

Smooth skin is a treasure that should not be lost. If lost it should be restored. If present, it should be jealously guarded and preserved.

For those who value the smoothness and beauty of their skin, there is nothing that will delight you more than a CBD Bath Bomb.

The CBD Bath Bomb will soothe your skin, pamper your body and give you a fresh looking and sparkling skin.

Looking to be forever young? You have got the perfect solution. Use a CBD Bath bomb and make that a reality.

Your skin deserves the best treatment and CBD Bath Bomb never disappoints.

 A Glowing Skin

When you stand up from the bathtub, you will see your skin glow like crimson and scarlet. It is a unique, unbeatable experience every time.

Are you longing to have glowing skin? You can stop hoping and begin to enjoy it.

Skin Care and Treatment

Perhaps you have been battling with eczema or acne. Taking your bath with a CBD Bath bomb is the perfect solution you need.

If everything else has failed to deliver a smooth skin and remove eczema and acne, this is the endpoint. The CBD oil in the bath bomb fights and destroys acne and eczema.

Perhaps yours is wrinkles or aging skin. The anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties in a CBD Bath bomb will take away your wrinkles and make your skin glow with beauty for the rest of your life.

Kiss all your skin diseases goodbye and welcome a lifetime of maximum skin health.

Relax your muscles

CBD Bath bombs relax your muscles and soothe your deep muscle tissues. Your muscle is the source of power, strength and the movement of your body.

Keeping your muscles healthy is important to the maximum functioning of your entire body system.

CBD Bath Bombs goes deep into your skin to every muscle fiber to bring relaxation and take away every pain and discomfort in the muscle.

Now you can go out there with vigor, strength, and energy.

CBD and Epsom salts, an awesome combination

CBD Bath Bombs don’t just contain CBD oil; they also contain Epsom salts that works together with CBD Oil to provide even more amazing benefits.

Epsom salts help to draw out those harmful toxins from your body. With CBD Oil, they give a significant boost to your mood and make you feel energized and empowered. They also aid muscle relief and relaxation.

Epson Salts will also aid your weight management routines and help to restore your appetite.

With CBD Bath bomb, you get the two in one- all the benefits of CBD oil and all the benefits of Epson Salt in one amazing product. It’s a combination you can’t afford to miss.

CBD and Essential Oils, increased efficiency

CBD Bath Bombs also have essential oils. Different CBD Bath Bombs come with different essential oils. But whatever the essential oil present, there are remarkable benefits.

If it is peppermint, you will get nausea relief. If it Ginger, it will aid your digestion.

If it is Clove oil, you will enjoy from its anti-microbial features. If it is frankincense, it will aid your body’s immunity, and if it is lavender, you will enjoy better relaxation and serenity.

With a CBD Bath Bomb, you enjoy the CBD Oil, the Epson salt and the essential oil. Now it is no just two in one; it is 3-in-1.

Why won’t you want to get on the train? This is health and wellness at its very best.

Better feeling, better attitude, better memory

CBD Bath Bombs improves your mood and get you active and fired up. If you ever feel drudgery and sad and uninspired, a bath with the CBD Bath bomb can lighten your world and make you feel better.

As your mood improves, your attitude improves. You won’t feel angry and irritated towards others. Rather, your relationship with others will be positively impacted.

You won’t get high

But you might be wondering if CBD Bath Bombs won’t get you high after your bath.

Well, the answer is NO. CBD Bath Bombs won’t get you a high feeling. The component of the Cannabis plant that produces the high feeling is the THC. Hemp plants from which we derive CBD oil have low levels of THC which means they don’t give the high feeling.

CBD Bath bomb will provide you with many amazing health benefits without getting you high or making you addictive.

You never have to worry about getting high. Just sit back, enjoy your bath and live a healthier and more satisfying life.

What about my bathtubs?

Some CBD Bath Bombs may start getting your bathtubs dirty after a while. But they can be easily cleaned with the right cleaning agents.

But there are quality CBD Bath Bombs that will not stain your bathtubs and leave them in a horrible state.

So you can enjoy your bath with no worries about the condition of your bathtub as a result of the bath bomb.

Choosing the best CBD bath bombs

Now is the time to join the CBD Bath bomb train and start to enjoy the awesome benefits that it offers. For those who value their health and wellness, they have found CBD Bath bomb to be a must-have. Begin your own journey to a refreshing, exciting and healthy skin with the CBD Bath Bomb.

Wholesale Bath Bombs: Become our Vendor, Wholesaler or Retailer Today

At this time, we accept requests for bulk or wholesale orders and we ship to different countries. Coupled with long-lasting product shelf life, our CBD bath bomb wholesalers and retailers also love it that they get to enjoy volume discounts, private labeling, and other benefits. You can send in your special requests for bulk orders and wholesale bath bombs or get in touch with us for more info. What are you waiting for? Order for your CBD Bath bomb NOW!

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Weight 10.8 oz

Apple Orchard, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Black Velvet, Cherry Almond, Coconut, Coconut Lime, Cucumber Melon, Cool Water, Crazy Love, Green Clover and Aloe, Honey Suckle, Moroccan Vanilla, Pear Raspberry, Petal Dance, Spearmint, Wakame, Wild Passion

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