Hard Candy


  • 25mg of CBD per serving
  • 8 servings per bag
  • Infused with pure Cannabidiol Iso-Terpenes

Available in Lemon, Green Apple, and Watermelon.


Organic CBD Hard Candy

Per Package.  8pcs / 200 mg

Available in Lemon, Green Apple, and Watermelon.

Good Health and Great Taste

Organic CBD Hard Candy provides a great combination benefits and great taste. Unlike CBD oil that is basically tasteless, hard candy is a tasteful edible that can be taken along with any kind of food.

When you buy the Organic hard candy, you will enjoy all the health benefits of the CBD with a great taste that will leave you asking for more.

Long-lasting Effect

When you take CBD through another medium, they tend to be easily absorbed into the body system but the effects do not last as long. With Organic CBD Hard Candy, the absorption process is longer but the effects are long-lasting.  A typical dosage of the hard candy can last for two to four hours, providing you relief and healing for a long period of time.

Do you want the long-lasting effect of the CBD oil for your body? The CBD hard candy is a great choice for you.

CBD hard candy can be used in tandem with your mean at breakfast, lunch or dinner. As a dietary supplement, it improves the quality of your meal, providing you with additional benefits and more health-promoting features. Similarly, it adds to the taste of the food, making it sweeter and more appealing.

When you take the CBD hard candy, you will have a more enriching and healthy meal: the kind that you will always look forward to.  There is no known case of any contraindications with the hard candy, so you can enjoy the candy with any mean without any second-guessing.

Terpenes…and others

Another benefit to the CBD hard candy is that it contains some elements that work maximally when taken with food. CBD contains some plant compounds called Terpenes. These plant compounds are also present in some of our food. When these compounds in food are combined with the compounds in the CBD hard candy, the additive effect will produce better health and wellness. There are many other compounds like the Terpenes that work in harmony with other elements in our meals to produce a more nutritious diet.

The CBD hard candy is a great way to enjoy more nutritious diets and better health. Don’t miss out on all the benefits.

Good for stomach diseases

There are certain diseases that are unique to the digestive system. There is nausea, lack of appetite, ulcer, Chron’s disease, and other inflammatory bowel diseases.

Using CBD as a hard candy edible that passes through the digestive system provides healing for digestive system-related diseases and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Bloody stools, constant diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, and constant fatigue are some of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases. When you experience some of these symptoms, purchase the CBD hard candy and add it to your regular diet. It will bring you huge relief.

Easy Dosage

CBD edibles are better measured than CBD oil or creams. A single hard candy already contains a certain measurement of CBD. This way, it is easy to know the level of CBD you have in every dosage. The ability to better measure out a dosage will prevent underuse and overuse. It will help you get the exact dosage you need. If a candy in the packet contains 10gm of CBD and your dosage is 5gm, it makes it easier to divide the candy into two every time you want to take it.

You can decide on the dosage by reading the manufacturer’s prescription or by consulting with your doctor. The hard candy allows you to decide on dosage and makes it easy to measure out what dosage and stick with it.


CBD hard candy comes in varieties of taste and smell. There is the lemon variety, the green apple variety, and the watermelon variety. Other manufacturers also have the blue raspberry variety, the caramel apple variety, the pomegranate, and the cereal crunch.  You can choose the variety that you love and enjoy it. You can also decide to change it and experiment with various varieties until you get the one you are most comfortable with.

This variety of choices is not so common with other methods of taking CBD. Using CBD as an edible (the hard candy) gives you choices that other methods do not provide.

CBD Candy Contains No THC

The hard candy is sweet and chummy apart from the health benefits it provides. But it does not get you high. There are no psychoactive effects that result from its use. The candy is made from CBD from industrial hemp with no THC. THC is the element that gives the psychoactive effect on marijuana.

The hard candy is free from THC so you need not worry about driving on the road after your meal. Also, hard candy is free from gluten, dairy, and artificial colorings. The production process and the ingredients used have been maximized for health and wellness without any unhealthy complication or attachment.

Consequently, there are no known or reported cases of side effects from the use of Organic CBD Hard Candy. Users have been satisfied with the product with no complaints. The organic nature of the ingredients means they will not alter the functioning of the body system in any way.


Industrial hemp-derived CBD is legal by federal and state laws. The low levels of THC in industrial hemp plants have made the government approve them for medicinal and recreational usage. When you buy the CBD hard candy, you will not need to worry about any legal implications.

All you need to think about is the great health and wellness benefits that are yours when you purchase this product.

EarthE CBD

EarthE CBD is the home of quality CBD products. We believe so much in the powerful effects of CBD for the treatment of diseases and the promotion of health. As a result, we have combined our skills, expertise, knowledge, and resources to constantly manufacture CBD products that will offer a wide range of benefits to society.

We have designed our production process to conform to the highest quality and environmental standards in the industry. Every Earth E CBD product has been tested in third-party labs. We have absolute confidence in each of our products.

We are always working to improve your experience with us so that the quality of your experience will match the quality of our products.

Are you ready to join the train of people who have been satisfied with the tasty and healthy  Organic CBD Hard Candy? Visit our online store to order for yours. Don’t be left behind.

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