CBD Vape Liquid


  • Available in 30ml BOTTLES
  • Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil
  • Maximum Potency
  • Highly Concentrated CBD
  • Available in Blueberry, Orange,
    Grape and Cannoli

Perfect for those who want to refill their own pods.


Organic CBD Vape Liquid Additive

Getting Started with Vaping

Vaping is the new normal. Smoking is a dangerous practice for health and wellness. Many people are now finding solace in vaping. Vaping is a smokeless process. The vape pod heats the liquid to produce vapor but at a temperature where there is no dangerous smoke. The temperature is regulated to give you the feeling and relaxation without the hazards.

Vaping is a more discreet practice. You can enjoy the process wherever you are without everyone around knowing. Vaping is also convenient. It is easy to just set it on and enjoy it.

There are many vape pods and vape cartridges that contain e-liquid that will give you a refreshing experience. It is no wonder that a lot of people around the world are embracing vaping.

A better way to enjoy vaping

Vaping itself is so enjoyable no matter the kind of e-liquid that you are using. But what if you can combine the benefits of the CBD oil with your vaping experience? Traditionally, you could do this by using CBD oil as the e-liquid for your vape pens, pods, or cartridges. What if there was a way you can still enjoy all your favorite e-liquids and CBD at the same time without sacrificing one for the other?

With the Organic CBD Vape Liquid additive, you can add drops of CBD oil to your e-liquid as a way to get better value from your vaping experience. The CBD Vape E-liquid additive provides a way to enjoy CBD and not forego your favorite e-liquid.

This way, you are not enjoying the vaping process; you are also enjoying all the benefits that come from CBD. It has been said that you cannot eat your cake and have it. But in this matter, you can.

Relieve the stress

One of the things that the CBD Vape E-liquid additive will do for you is to relieve you from stress. Do you feel exhausted after a day’s job? Maybe you go for some workouts and sport sessions and you just feel weak. It might even the kind of weakness that follows from the emotional fallout

Whatever might be the cause of your stress, with the CBD Vape E-liquid additive, you will get relaxation and relief. All you just need is to add some drops of the additive into your favorite e-liquid. You are ready to go. All of your stress and weakness will disappear.

No Pain, No Ache

There are different kinds of pains that confront us in daily life. They may be just minor pains and aches from stress. They may be injuries from some activities we choose to undertake. Some aches and pains can come in the form of joint pain, muscle pain among others. Pain and aches can cause a lot of discomforts and make life miserable.

But why live in continuous pain when there is a remedy? Why continue to try unproven and untested means that do not solve the problems? Well, you don’t have to, not again. With the CBD Vape E-liquid additive, you can enjoy relief from pain and aches and live a more healthy life. Moreso, you can get the benefits while vaping your favorite E-liquid.

Bye to smoking and addiction

One of the essential reasons why vaping is so attractive is that it helps people to lose their addiction to smoking. People have been able to escape from the throes of smoking through the use of vapes. Vaping does not have negative effects on the health that comes from the combustion process in smoking.

But when you add the Organic CBD Vape Liquid additive to your favorite e-liquid, you are waging a double war against smoking and addiction. The CBD additive contains properties that are anti-addiction and help to release people from addiction to substances and others. If you want a more assured victory over smoking and addiction, pick it up and enjoy the freedom it will bring.

Fast absorption

You will not just enjoy the benefits of CBD when you vape, you will enjoy it quickly, Vaping is one of the fastest ways to absorb CBD. When you add the CBD Vape E-liquid additive to the e-liquid, you will enjoy the benefits faster than many other methods of taking CBD.

The fast absorption is especially relevant when you seek relief from stress, pain, and aches. There is no need for any complex digestive process or absorption into the pores of the skins. With vaping, there is almost a direct and immediate absorption.

Enjoy the benefits of CBD without wasting any time. You can enjoy it right away.

Everywhere you go

You don’t just enjoy the benefits of CBD faster; you can enjoy it everywhere you go. Vaping is a discreet method and you can take your vapes (especially vape pens) everywhere you go. You can choose to enjoy at home or outside of your home. There is that liberty that comes with vaping.

When you use the Organic CBD Vape Liquid additive, you can also enjoy that liberty. So, you are not just vaping everywhere you go, you are also enjoying the cool effects of CBD oil everywhere you go. This is one of the attractions of vaping that you enjoy when you take CBD as an additive rather than as CBD oil on its own.

Easy Dosage

Dosage is key when using CBD. Even though CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, it is still important to take it within a prescribed (or reasonable) dosage. For many CBD products, marking out a dosage can be difficult. The standard of measurement is not so clear cut. But with the additive, it can be easily measured.

You can measure the CBD Vape E-liquid additive by drops with the droppers that accompany the product. In this way, you can easily measure your dosage and ensure that you don’t take too much or too little. Decide on what dosage works best for you depending on your needs and use the droppers as your gauge.


CBD Vape E-Liquid additive comes in various varieties. There is a variety according to the strength of the CBD present in every dosage. There are additive that 10mg/ml, some have 20mg/ml and others have 40mg/ml. You will need to choose the concentration that works best for you and decide on the appropriate dosage within that concentration.

They also differ in terms of materials (ingredients). The major ingredient is CBD but there are other ingredients that are added for maximum efficiency. These ingredients vary in some little details here and there. Therefore, when you want to choose the additive, there are many choices placed before you in terms of concentration and ingredients.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are common emotional and psychological problems of the modern world. The suicide rate is high and climbing and it is defying all social and economic boundaries. The physical and the emotional go together and some emotional troubles can be aided with physical remedies.

CBD has been well applauded for its ability to help people dealing with anxiety and depression. CBD has properties that will prevent anxiety and depression and help those who are already suffering from anxiety and depression.

Why not get prevention and relief from anxiety and depression even while you vape your favorite e-liquid? Get the best of both worlds.

All kinds of Physical Diseases

Many people have already written about the numerous health benefits of CBD. Benefits range from its analgesic properties, its anti-inflammatory properties, its anti-oxidant properties and many more. CBD can help with pain, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation. It can also help with cancer, heart diseases, diabetes. They have been proven to help with OCD, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, migraines, and insomnia. The list also includes inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson’s disease, Anorexia, among many others.

When you use the CBD additive together with your e-liquids, you will be getting access to the healing properties of CBD in all its fullness. But CBD will not just heal you from diseases; it will prevent diseases and preserve you in optimal health and wellness.

All kinds of E-liquids

The CBD Vape E-liquid additive works with all kinds of e-liquids. There is no case of contraindication with any e-liquid. Whatever the e-liquid you desire, just adds the additive and enjoy the best of two worlds without worrying about any incompatibility. With the additive, there are no incompatibilities or limitations. You are free to explore as you want.

THC Free

The E-liquid additive is also free from THC. THC is the component in marijuana that gives the high feeling. The component is absent in the CBD additive because the additive is sourced from organic industrial plants.

Also, they are free from solvents and any kind of artificial sweeteners that will compromise the health potency of the product. The absence of artificial sweeteners means that the additive will not remove or overshadow the taste of your e-liquid. Many of the additives are tasteless and the ones that have flavor only have a mild flavor that will not outweigh the flavor of your e-liquid.

When you use the CBD additive, you are assured of health and health alone. There are no complications and no side effects. You will enjoy the best ingredients and nothing short.

EarthE CBD

Who can resist having your cake and having it? The CBD Vape E-liquid additive is the best way to enjoy your favorite E-liquid when vaping and yet get the benefits of CBD without changing your e-liquid to purely CBD oil.

Are you ready to get started with the CBD Vape additive? We are here to help you. EarthE CBD is a foremost producer of CBD products. Our goal is to make more CBD products available to a great number of people so that the populace can live in more health and wellness.

To accomplish this, we make sure our production process conforms to the highest quality and environmental standards. Also, we ensure that our products are vetted through third-party labs. After the products are manufactured, we ensure we deliver them to you with the most amazing customer service.

Go to our online store to get your own Organic CBD Vape Liquid additive and begin a journey into health, wellness, relaxation, and bliss. Get started today.

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