The Re-emergence of CBD

What is Cannabidiol?
March 19, 2017
Influence of CBD on endogenous cannabinoind system of humans
The Human Cannabinoid System
April 2, 2017

The Re-emergence of CBD

It was for the benefits the CBD products offered in the treatment of health conditions such as diabetes, MS chronic pain, PTSD, depression, neurological disorders, arthritis, etc. that the government sanctioned and approved its clinical trials to take place in the controlled environment. It was the owner of a pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals, who convinced the home office of Britain that the products that were made from CBD-rich plants could be used to treat a lot of health problems. There’s the first company in 1988 to be given a license by the British government to extract CBD for medicinal use only.

In the early 19th century, it was being used by women to ease their menstrual cramps and pains even so much that there have been occasions where it is reported that even Queen Victoria used it as well. For centuries, it has been used for animals to treat their anxiety issues and help calm the ones going through seizures. It was after many such reporting that people began to see the good in the CBD-rich plants. However, the CBD has remained a hidden gem as of lately. It is because the need to produce THC-rich strains has minimized the presence of CBD in most of the hemp plants we have today.

Marijuana plants had been under research and production in a lot of CBD labs until today where they had been researching and studying the behavior of the compound for optimal human use. It was not only that the labs were successfully able to produce CBD-rich plants with a 20 to 1 ratio of CBD and THC that industry was established which extracted oils, and came up with other CBD-rich products.

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