Why Did Not CBD Work For You?

Why Did Not CBD Work For You?

Why Did Not CBD Work For You?

CBD is supposed to be doing wonders for you if you are taking it regularly; but what if it fails to do so? Who is to ask if you have been taking CBD as it should be taken, and it didn’t turn out to be as magical for you as it claims? Well, then we have got to figure this out. Why would something with so tall claims not work out for you? This is pure disappointing and dissatisfying.

Although this should not happen, if it does, we need to know why? In this article, we will try to cover a few things which might be stopping CBD from showing its actual results.

Yes, you read it right, there must be a logical explanation behind why CBD isn’t working for you. Although the list could go on and on, we will stick to the core possible issues.

First thing, between you and CBD, any side could be problematic. Yes, it may be because of you. Or maybe the CBD. The solution depends on how critical it is. Some could be simple, easy and straightforward, while others could be complex, indeterministic and in some cases, unidentified.

Well, in any case, we will honestly try to help you figure out what it is. There might be a perfect explanation in this article of why it isn’t the same when you gave CBD a try. Keep reading!

Wrong Dose!

The very first thing you could be doing wrong is taking just not the right amount of CBD. This is the most common problem in the CBD world, people take improper doses all the time. Fortunately, we have a solution for that.

This usually happens as people self-medicate and decide the dosage for themselves. Please consult your physician or the related personnel for the right dose. Please keep in mind that equal doses of CBD affect different people, differently. They vary from person to person. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in CBD. The right dosage for a person depends on a variety of factors including weight, height, gender, medical history, present health condition, lifestyle and even the water you drink every day etc.

This basically means that maybe your friend who recommended you CBD takes 300mg of CBD oil, but same does not work for you. It could be because of the height difference or several other reasons. But it is deterministic, and your physician can point it out.

Another way is to start from a low dose and then eventually build up. And decide which one is the right point for you. Do not start from a very high dose, otherwise, you can build an immunity for low CBD, and low doses wouldn’t work for you anymore.

Building an immunity, this could be one possible reason why even heavy doses do not work anymore. This happens when the body gets used to it.

On the other hand, if you take very small doses, this could also be problematic, since you are not taking enough. You won’t see any change or positive effect and then complain of why CBD is not working. Well, how can it work, if the dosage is not strong enough for your body?

The bottom line is, do not take too little or too much. Both are going to end up with no positive effects.

Pro tip: Start with small doses and then slightly build it up with a gap of 3-4 hours, stop just after you attain the right level. Do not worry, it is your body, you will feel it. It is very important to figure out the right dosage for your body. For example, if you are taking it for relieving pain, you will feel the exact point where there is a considerable amount of change in the pain level just by adding a little amount of CBD every few hours.

Also, do not worry about the high doses, as CBD is not addictive, there is no chance of substance abuse. Unlike other painkillers, it will not harm you if in any way you overdose yourself.

Also, beware of the concentration of CBD, try to take pure doses. While we are at it, visit earthecbd.com to buy cbd online.

Not giving it enough time:

Another possible and very common reason is that you are not giving your CBD dose enough time. People take one dose and expect to see drastic changes overnight. It works magically, but it’s not magic. Give it a rest!

You have to be patient with CBD. Although, this can happen to a few of you, but not to others. Please give CBD sometimes, to get into your system and work slowly. It should not be ‘easy come easy go’ situation. For effects to stay for a long time, they must come slowly.

Please do not take CBD for a week or two, and then give up. If this is the reason why it did not work for you, then it’s probably you who is mistaken, not the CBD. Many people start feeling long-term changes after a considerable time. Think of this as if there is something wrong with your system, CBD will first try to bring it back in its actual condition and then improve it. Now the time before the improvement is the time you are not ready to give.

CBD starts as an agonist, combines with the brain neurons, activate the ECS receptors, which in return active the respective systems and then we see changes. Give your CBD medication at least from few weeks to few months, before making a final decision about how CBD worked for you.

Wrong Expectations!

Now, another common and kind of a funny reason is that many people feel disappointed by CBD because it did not deliver what they thought it would. If anyone has wrong or misguided expectations from CBD, that it did not claim or promise to give in any way, it is their problem.

For example, if somebody complains that CBD did not make them high because they thought it would as it belongs to the cannabis family, well it is good if it did not. Because this is not what it is supposed to do.

CBD doses do not contain THC, and hence it is unable to create the high effect. If you started CBD in a hope to get high or change your mental state or mood drastically or something along those lines, then it is going to disappoint you. It is not because it did not work, it is because you were looking for the effects it did not offer.

Beware of what CBD can and cannot do, before facing any such disappointment. Be realistic and take your doses after doing the complete homework. We hope it would turn out in the best possible way for you.

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