Why You Should Use CBD Oil For Your Dogs

Why you should use CBD oil for your dogs

Why You Should Use CBD Oil For Your Dogs

I bet you knew about CBD and all its benefits for your health, but did you know it is also beneficial for your dogs? Yes, CBD oil behaves like one of the best treatments to treat dogs with health complications. Are you interested in knowing how? Then let’s get to it.

We know CBD stands for Cannabinoid oil, it is the same oil that humans use. You might have one too, ever thought you can give your medication to your dog as well? I think so no. This article is all about how CBD oil is good for your dog and why. If you are curious let’s find out.

What exactly is CBD?

If you do not have any slight idea of what CBD is, we are here to help. This oil is extracted from either hemp plant or the Cannabis Sativa. It can sometimes a combination of both plants. It is mostly used to treat many medical conditions in humans but due to its wide benefits, poly-therapeutic and harmless nature, it works well for the dogs too. It is easily available online and in the local markets. CBD oil is the most common and the parent form in which CBD is extracted. This is a 100% safe medicine for the man and his best friend.

How to give CBD oil to a dog?

If you own a dog and love your pup more than anything, this is the first thing that might have come across your mind that how will the dog consume it. Now we know that CBD comes in mostly in the liquid form i.e. CBD oil and tincture and the CBD capsules. Mostly, CBD oil is given orally to the dogs. To get the most optimal results, it is always better to give a few drops to the dog initially. Observe the effects it has on the dog, CBD in the oil form has generally the maximum effects and works faster than any other method. Another option is to inject the CBD oil in your dog’s body if the pup is not in a mood to intake it orally. Now, of course, you can use the CBD capsule pills too, but then you would have to dissolve these pills in the dog’s food. Please note that this method is a little slow as CBD is being injected indirectly. It will take a considerable amount of time for CBD to reach the bloodstream and is comparatively less effective too.

How is CBD Oil beneficial for dogs?

CBD oil being equally beneficial for the pet dogs is kind of an interesting phenomena. This is not something which happens with every other medicine hence it makes people curious even those who do not own a dog. CBD oil has wonderful effects in dogs. It is considered as safe and secure medication for many health conditions of the dogs. Also, it offers treatment for not one or two but many dog health problems. Hence the poly therapeutic nature of CBD oil makes it a great remedy for the dogs with different kinds of health conditions. If you are looking for that one diverse medicine to maintain general health of your dog, this is the one.


Anorexia is the most common health issue in pet dogs, this happens when they lose their appetite and become a victim of food aversion. Now, this is one of the hardest times for the owners, as their pets refuse to open their mouth and do not even touch their favorite food. This condition is the most stressful, not just for the dogs but the owners too. Not eating anything obviously effects the physical and mental health of the dog in the worst way possible. This will indirectly affect your mindset too. Now CBD oil is very helpful regarding this state of the dogs when it is given in small amounts after regular intervals. The one of the most common reason when dogs behave like this is when they are suffering from some sort of nausea. The oil takes care of nausea and soothes down its effects. It also boosts the appetite of the dog and makes him feel less sick. This way he can enjoy his meal and you can be less worried. Always remember that the pro tip is to give the dog small doses in regular intervals rather giving it all at once so that it can have the maximum effect.

Arthritis or chronic pain in Bones:

As we know that CBD oil helps a lot in treating arthritis or joint pains in humans. This is no different for dogs. Of course, dogs have skeleton and bones, hence are affected by all kinds of bone problems including arthritis, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and calcium.

The myth that bones problems are associated only to humans is so not true, these can happen to any organism with the bones. CBD oil can be given regularly to dogs to strengthen the bones in the longer run, it can also help to give instant relief to sore joints and muscles.

Pain, Agony and Anxiety:

Ever noticed your dog sitting in a corner with a dropped face, not in a mood to play his favorite game and you cannot figure out why is he not responding in his usual cheerful way. This is because he has anxiety, is sad and feeling stressed. Yeah, we know, you did not have an idea this was a thing, but this is true. The anxiety disorder is not just confined to the humans, under such conditions he would behave just like you would do while feeling anxious. Animals can have anxiety disorders too, you need to empathize and help them in a similar way. CBD oil can help you with this health issue of the dogs. It releases stress and generates the happy vibes in the dogs. Pure CBD oil behaves as a brilliant natural remedy for the dog. It will make your dog feel instantly relaxed and happy.

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